Construction Progress Porta Nova: Screening and Chalking

Currently, we are working on the construction of a new greenhouse for Porta Nova in Waddinxeen. At the beginning of March, the entire roof was already fully glazed! The men of El Flaco Scherminstallaties are now busy with installing the screens. A hortizontal duo screen is placed in the greenhouse. The duo screen consists of two screens on a wire bed. One is for the radiation of light and the other is for the climate in the greenhouse. This installation of the screens will take around eight weeks to complete.


New business premises Verver Export opened

On Good Friday 30 March, the official opening of the new Verver Export building took place. "A great opportunity for family, friends, business relations and everyone who helped with the construction and furnishing of the property on the Hasselaarsweg in Heerhugowaard to see the result. Many people visited the opening which created a pleasant atmosphere", the company says in a press release. We as Havecon are proud that we built the new greenhouse of 1 hectare. The result looks beautiful!


Havecon in the news: QO Hotel Amsterdam

Hotel serves local food from its own roof
In the recently built greenhouse on the roof of the sustainable, luxurious Hotel QO in Amsterdam, vegetables, fruits, herbs and fish are grown to be served to guests in the restaurant.

On the 22nd floor of the hotel a greenhouse was built at a height of 77 meters by the greenhouse builder Havecon & Partners. The greenhouse hangs like a bathtub on the top floor. As a result, the guests can see from the 'kitchen garden bar' upwards into the greenhouse. The greenhouse is not visible from the street.


De Ruiter Opens Experience Center

After months of hard work the day finally arrived: last week the De Ruiter Experience Center opened its doors. In the morning was the kickoff. From half past nine the guests gathered in the central reception area. And from the very beginning the atmosphere was excellent. During the various speeches, there was a lot of laughter, cheers and applause. Joost van Regteren, responsible for optimizing the test programs, was the chairman during the morning program.

Joost: "Before our varieties are commercialized, we carry out practical tests for four years. For us it is important that, from day one, our customers can get the most out of the variety. Because we fully take time for that, we also can offer it to them."


Drone shows construction progress Royal Pride

We are working on a new project in Middenmeer, the Netherlands. Here we are working on the expansion of Royal Pride, phase 4b. The project is 7,5 hectare and is build next to the previous phase. In a short time the steel construction has been built and the men of Voorwinden started with glazing. The drone has flown over the project to show the constructrion progress.